Limited Edition: Harry Potter X CSD Mask


CSD x Harry Potter - Limited Edition

30 pcs/ Box

Product of Taiwan


CSD and Warner Bros. Consumer Products Launch A Series of Magnificent Masks Inspired By Fan-Favorite

In response to the pandemic, disposable face masks have become a need for everyone. Now fans of the Wizarding World can proudly display their fandom while practicing COVID safety measures. CSD in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products worked on designing the first product of this magic-themed face masks series, Admission Notice. The packaging concept was inspired by the envelopes seen in the Harry Potter films which incorporated lacquer sealing wax to seal the opening; upon opening the package, you will see Hedwig the loyal owl holding a letter in her beak. 

The owls seen flying throughout the movie is the main source of inspiration for the design team who developed the package. The packaging is designed to print on both inside and outside the box, both delicate and inventive. Remove the wax seal, open the envelope, and the first thing in view is a partition, featuring Hedwig soaring through the starry night view with an envelope. Only when the partition is removed, then the face masks placed under is fully revealed. This unique way to unbox the face masks aims to bring forth a bit of the excitement of receiving Hogwarts admission letters for the first time.

Mask Design Combined with Magical Elements and Starry Sky

The background of the Admission Notice face masks is based on the mysterious dark blue starry sky, layered with intricate iconic patterns such as the Hogwarts crest, the Sorting Hat, and more. Each face mask showcases a different pattern due to the sequential placement of the design and cut placement. In addition, the random smoke design appears randomly, making every piece of the mask even more unique. When observed closely, fans will find that each pattern is made up of more than ten mini elements from the magical world.

For example, the Sorting Hat pattern consists of back-to-school essentials like wands, textbooks, and wizarding robes; the Hogwarts crest pattern has elements like a large H for Hogwarts, potions bottles, cauldrons, the Golden Snitch, flying broomsticks, and more. The crystal ball pattern includes items like the Hogwarts Express, luggage carts, floating candles, potions bottles, and more.

The elaborate details do not stop there. An embossed icon of Harry’ iconic glasses and lightning bolt scare are found on the top right corner and the Harry potter logo is located in the lower right corner. Another interesting part of the fabric at the bottom of the masks is the railroad track graphics and the 9¾ logo are used. This will surely remind fans of the famous scene where Harry Potter fearlessly ran towards that wall on Platform 9¾. In short, this is a box of masks that Harry Potter fans should not miss!

Fans can continue to enjoy all the Harry Porter movies which are available on the streaming service HBO GO, available for download on Play Store and App Store, and through other TV providers.