Jidori® Non-GMO Free Range Whole Chicken

$16.99 $18.99

Free Range Whole Chicken

  • Weight: +- 4 lbs (4 Whole Legs/pack)

  • Product of USA

  • Frozen

  • Locally Farmed

  • Free Range

  • Antibiotic Free

  • Cruelty Free

  • Vegetarian Fed

  • Sustainably Grown

  • No Additives of any kind

  • Non-GMO

  • Jidori®  means chicken of the earth. It started in Los Angeles, where asian-fusion culinary pioneers were looking for a chicken as fresh and great tasting as the finest sushi.

  • We developed Jidori®Chicken for them, and now we offer it to you. Our chickens are raised free range, humanely, at small farms in California. They’re fed all natural grains, without meat by-products, hormones, or steroids. You will taste the difference. There is only one source for Jidori chicken in the world.Chicken, and we are proud to serve you the best

  • “The Kobe beef of poultry has landed... The next menu buzzword will be Jidori®  chicken. Its been the hottest piece of breast in Los Angeles for years.