SRF Kurobuta Pork Jowl


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  • Weight:1.5 lb - 1.9lb (4 Pieces/1 Pack)

  • Product of USA (Snake River Farms)

  • Frozen

  • Pork Jowl is considered by many to be an unexpected culinary delight! From the jowl of the pig, this pork cut is full of flavor.  The chunk portion is ideal for those who like to slice their pork jowl to their desired thickness or dice it for extra flavor in a vegetable or soup.

  • Salmon Creek Farms demand the most wholesome, highest quality pork in the industry.. and that is exactly what Salmon Creek Farms raise. Family Farming is not just a job for them, It's their way of life.
  • SCFMA's Certified Sustainable audit program ensures their hogs are raised on sustainable family farms, grown according to strict animal welfare protocols and finished in a diet of high quality wheat and barley.
  • All market hogs are source verified to Salmon Creek Farms Marketing Association Partner Farms.