★Pre-Order - Frozen Rosy Seabass / Akamutsu


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Also name: BigEye Sea Perch, akamutsu, Nodoruro

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Weight: +1 lbs


Direct from Japan 

Frozen, Guts cleaned, for cook only, No sashimi


The best akamutsu (Nodoguro) usually comes from the east coast of Japan, and top specimens will be line-caught. A deep sea dweller, it offers a very high fat content, especially for a white fish. When at their peak, akamutsu are usually about two pounds in weight, and measure around 12 to 15 inches. 

Imagine the flavor and texture of kinmedai, but even a bit fattier and more oily, with a lovely, sweet flavor and aroma. The fish is generally served raw, or slightly seared ever so briefly with a torch burner.