Six or Less Berrysoap Shampoo and Body Wash


From: Taiwan
  1. Organic berry soap
  2. Coconut Cleansers
  3. Coconut oils
  4. Vegetable fat
  5. Red seaweed
  6. Citrus Juices

Best value:

  • 100% RISK FREE- Try our All in one wash made for the complete family! Love it Or Money Back! Soft & gentle enough for children; newborns, babies, kids, & teen or adults! 
  • MOISTURIZING & LUXURIOUS- Unlike traditional shampoos, Six or Less organic shampoo and baby wash is a liquid castile soap base doesn’t dry out your skin or hair; rather, it moisturizes them and makes your skin glow, leaving your hair luxurious
  • Rub Six or Less Berrysoap™ Shampoo and Body Wash into your hands, face, or body and experience a luxurious refreshing lather that is clean and soothing.


  • Please try on a small portion of skin before using


  • No harmful preservatives are used in Six or Less™ products.  Please store in a cool place away from sunlight and use completely within 6 months of opening for optimal freshness and effectiveness.  Please try on a small portion of skin before using.