Sushi-Grade Hiramasa Loin (Seasonal)

  • Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish 

  • Weight: 8oz / 12oz

  • Product of Australia 

  • Rare Nature Products come with Skin-on

  • Information:  Hiramasa, also known as Kingfish, is a high-quality sashimi-grade Yellowtail Kingfish which is farmed under strict, high standard to make it some of the best sashimi-grade fish out there.

  • The high oil content in the loin of the Hiramasa fish is what gives its buttery, rich tecture and delicately sweet taste. Commonly the Hiramasa Loin is eaten raw in sushi, but it tastes just as succulent and delicious when grilled on a high heat, and seasoned simply with salt.

  • Frozen Sensory Fresh

  • Clean Seas SensoryFresh products are frozen using Liquid Nitrogen, which is widely recognised for producing the absolute best quality standard in the yellowtail category. It's the freezing speed that preserves texture, colour, aroma and taste. Optimum texture is best retained if the ice formation stage is completed quickly.

  • Conventional freezing typically takes up to 240 minutes to reach that stage, but Clean Seas Liquid Nitrogen Rapid Freeze technology does it in around 22 minutes. Capturing colour, aroma and flavour, is also best achieved by reaches core temperature of -50C to -70C and surface temperature of -95C. We call it SensoryFresh. The closest to ocean fresh.